Our class trip to England

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On Monday May 8th we started our tour to England. The bilingual classes 6b and 7b had a nice bus and we came through Belgium and France and to the harbour of Calais. We took the ferryboat and we sailed across the channel to the harbour of Dover. The waves were very high and strong. Later in the evening we arrived in Brighton and we were sent to our guest families.
On Tuesday we went to Brighton to the city centre and we had a great day there. The best thing was the Brighton Pier, it´s a leisure center or amusement park with many attractions like a roller coaster or game halls.

On Wednesday we went to London. London is a really big city with a lot of traffic. Our class has seen many sights, like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the river Thames, the London Eye and many more. This was the most exciting day, especially for many girls (and boys) who went shopping on Oxford Street

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Thursday was already the last full day in England. We visited the famous battlefield in Hastings, were the Anglo Saxons and the Normans fought in 1066. There is an interesting museum. The town of Hastings is also quite nice and typically English. Finally we were down by the sea and visited the seven sisters. These are amazingly high white cliffs.

On Friday we finally moved back to Germany. So we all were really happy to fall into the arms of our parents. But the class trip to England was just cool and really amazing.

(Vincent Bramigk, 6b)


Class 6b in England

At six thirty on Monday morning we were waiting for the bus. Then we started and after some hours of driving we were in Calais. The ferry trip to England was very exciting. Finally we arrived in England and we went to Brighton. In Brighton we were divided into our host families.

On our first day in England we visited the old and the new pier of Brighton. The old pier was completely destroyed after burning down. The new pier is just great you can walk around and enjoy the fairground.
The next day we were in London but it was much too expensive to take a ride on the London Eye.
So we had a walk in Westmister and we saw Big Ben which is really impressive.After that we walked to the beautiful Buckingham Palace. We knew that the Queen was at home because the flag was hoisted.
On the third day we were in Hastings and had a rallye on the battlefield of 1066. But in this exercise the older pupils of class 7b had some advantage, because their English skills are much better than ours.
All in all it was afantastic class trip to England, we all really enjoyed it.

Penelope, Lara und Jan (6b)


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